Eco plantation

Oleg has lived in Vietnam for 10+ years, investing in real estate and exporting fruit. He invested 50 USD in Bananacoin, but his wife - 500 USD. He was luckier - he won a trip to Bananacoin plantation. Listen to his words during his trip to Vientiane, Laos.
Bananacoin Early bird from Japan came to learn about the teams experience.
Recently the authorities of northern Lao Bokeo province have suspended the activities of 18 Chinese-supported banana plantations after discovering violations of the rules of the use of agricultural chemicals.
The worlds first blockchain option for the organic bananas production in Laos.
Shooting of a new plot of 360 hectares. This is actual place we want Bananacoin plantation.

No pesticides

We do not use any pesticides in production. The production cycle complies in full with the Laos Regulations for the Use of Agricultural Chemicals.


We are planning to create an «organic farm» — a banana plantation that is isolated from other farms in order to protect the ecological environment.

3 years old

We have been doing business in Laos for 15 years. 3 years ago, we started an agro-industrial business, namely the cultivation and export of bananas.

Profitable business

We started with the lease of a plantation. It is profitable business. Last year we bought it. Our next step is business expansion.

Government support

We have a strong connection with the governor of Vientiane province where our plantations are located. He speaks highly of the plantation.

Real proof asset

Banana plantation is a real proof asset with blockchain inside. It is new technology of the agricultural sector.

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