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Market prices

  • Banana
    1$ per kg
  • Mango
    1$ per kg
TGE finished
6 812 551
Tokens sold
14M Total tokens


The first environmentall friendly plantation in Laos which has released a utility token based on Ethereum, pegged to the export price of 1 kg of bananas.

Our mission is to grow organic and healthy variety of bananas known as "Lady Finger" in our plantations in Laos and to export them to China where demand is greater than supply.

Eco plantation

Oleg has lived in Vietnam for 10+ years, investing in real estate and exporting fruit. He invested 50 USD in Bananacoin, but his wife - 500 USD. He was luckier - he won a trip to Bananacoin plantation. Listen to his words during his trip to Vientiane, Laos.
Bananacoin Early bird from Japan came to learn about the teams experience.
Recently the authorities of northern Lao Bokeo province have suspended the activities of 18 Chinese-supported banana plantations after discovering violations of the rules of the use of agricultural chemicals.
The worlds first blockchain option for the organic bananas production in Laos.
Shooting of a new plot of 360 hectares. This is actual place we want Bananacoin plantation.

No pesticides

We do not use any pesticides in production. The production cycle complies in full with the Laos Regulations for the Use of Agricultural Chemicals.


We are planning to create an «organic farm» — a banana plantation that is isolated from other farms in order to protect the ecological environment.

3 years old

We have been doing business in Laos for 15 years. 3 years ago, we started an agro-industrial business, namely the cultivation and export of bananas.

Profitable business

We started with the lease of a plantation. It is profitable business. Last year we bought it. Our next step is business expansion.

Government support

We have a strong connection with the governor of Vientiane province where our plantations are located. He speaks highly of the plantation.

Real proof asset

Banana plantation is a real proof asset with blockchain inside. It is new technology of the agricultural sector.


See our documents to learn more about the Bananacoin, the token, the team and the TGE round details.

Why participate in Bananacoin

Bananacoin is the world’s first blockchain option for participating in the production of organic bananas in Vientiane province, Laos.

  1. The deficit of banana export to China is estimated at 30,000 hectares, and the consumption is increasing
  2. The price of Bananacoin token is protected by the cost of one kilogram of bananas
  3. In the medium term, our team is planning to increase the production area to 1,000 hectares
  4. Cultivated variety of bananas Lady Finger is the most expensive and the most popular on the Chinese market
  5. Every participant has the right to personally visit our plantations in Vientiane province, the Lao PDR
  6. Our business is easy to scale and it is growing into a serious player in the Asian fruit market



The team of the Bananacoin project is a solidary group of like-minded people who have a serious and successful business development experience

Alexander Bychkov

Alexander Bychkov

36 years old, father of four and a businessman. Being involved in establishing companies in wholesale and retail sales “from scratch” for over 17 years Alexander is responsible for marketing and communications in the project.

Nicola Kardashov

Nicola Kardashov

Project Advisor, Community Manager

Dmitry Mazutov

Dmitry Mazutov

Our representative in China, Sichuan Province. He is a Specialist in foreign economic activity and an interpreter of English and Chinese languages.

His experience of work in China is 7 years.
Alexander Magomedov

Alexander Magomedov

He has been living in Lao PDR for 17 years. The last 5 years he has been engaged in agro- industrial business, namely, the cultivation and export of fruit, in particular bananas. He is fluent in Lao language.

His experience in the agro-industrial field is 3 years.
Mr. Prasan Sangsatjatham

Mr. Prasan Sangsatjatham

41 years old, the leading agronomist of the project. Along with his degree in Agro-Industry, Mr. Prasan has agricultural business in his blood – his family owns an extensive plantation in Thailand.

His experience in the agro-industrial sector is 12 years.
Peter Peng

Peter Peng

Our technical partner (adviser) is always ready to answer queries and talk about the current work with Bananacoin.

Peter is the CEO of Oren Irrigation Equipment Ltd., the company has in its own portfolio 10,000 hectares of irrigated land. The company is engaged in irrigation, automation of processes in the agroindustrial complex, sale of equipment and training of personnel.

Some frequently asked questions

We advocate full transparency, so if you don’t see your questions answered in our FAQ, please write us and we’ll get back to you.

What is TGE?
TGE (Token generation event) is a model of crowdfunding that allows us to issue digital tokens in exchange for investments. Each token gives its owner the right to receive profit according to the declared conditions.
Who are you?
We are owners of the real banana plantation, and you can get acquainted with our team and developers on the main page of the site. You can also chat with us directly at the Telegram chat.
What is the address of the Bananacoin farm?
Ban. NAPHONG. Distric
gps - 18.5585025 102.19301210
you can also find it on google map at:
How can agro-industry be tied to a blockchain?
We do not tie the agro-industry to the blockchain, we use the capabilities of a blockchain to raise investment (crowdfunding) and arrange transparent payments to investors in the future.
Do you have a Bounty program?
Bounty is over now. More details availiable
Why Laos, why not Vietnam or China?
Right now, we are already engaged in farming in Laos, and we have permits from the local government and wide tax preferences. To conduct such business is much more expensive in China, whereas Vietnam has ecologically unfavourable territories on the agricultural sector (chemical pollution after the war).

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